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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hipster Done!

At long last, I finished the hipster. It fits nicely, but is *almost* too big. I've only got about an inch of open space between front and back, where you lace it up along the sides. I'd rather there were more space, as there is in the pictures that accompany the pattern. If any of you are still reading this, how did yours come out?

I really don't want the bra to be too big. Seems like it would be most flattering if the lace has to stretch and isn't too relaxed. Did any of you who've finished find that either top or bottom was bigger than expected? I'm using US3 needles and am really glad I didn't go with 4s.

I've decided to wash my swatch in hot water, to see if that shrinks it a bit. That may be all my hipster needs.

Anyway, I'll post pics after I finish the bra. I'm glad to read in your posts that it goes fast. This is a terrific, fun pattern!


At 12:47 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Mine fits the same way way. There's some space between the front and back, but not nearly as much as what's shown in the picture. However, if you look at the sizing, the small is supposed to fit anywhere from a 35" to 39" hip, the medium is 39"-43", and large is 43"-47"... if you're on the small end of one of those ranges, it'll fit a bit looser. (I'm just glad the hipster fits me at all, since I'm smaller than a 35" hip and I was afraid to mess with the pattern to make it any smaller.)

As far as the bra, it's definitely not designed for flat-chested gals. Since there's not much support, it just flattens everything out. I'm actually thinking about attaching underwire cups to mine to see if I can add some lift.

Yay for finishing the hipsters!

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Chocolina Chocolissima said...

Hi, I´m making my second MPC now (I don´t have a camera - so no blog - and i did´nt even join this KAL,...but maybee soon)
Anyway, I found the brapattern very, very small. Almost 4 inches short to close nicely with the laceup front. I made both hipsters and bra in mediumsize, and the hipsters are perfect! For the second MPC Im doing the hipster the same size but much lower, omitting the last two holes for each side. The bra will be totally different: I will skip the whole back-thing and just do two triangles.
I will try to take some pictures when its finished.


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